The Curse of McMillan Castle Book CoverTitle: The Curse of McMillan Castle
Series: Morna's Legacy Series - English #13
Published by: Oliver Heber Books
Release Date: November 24, 2018
Pages: 150

A curse, a ghost, and a painting that goes bump in the night might just be the key to their perfect romance.


Madeline knows firsthand that life rarely goes according to plan. If it did, her husband would still be alive, Scotland wouldn’t be her home, and she wouldn’t be living in the seventeenth century. Hardened by grief and broken dreams, Madeline hopes that a new life for her and her daughter might be enough to pull her from her years’ long rut. Despite her best efforts in a new century, little changes. As the months pass, her wish for a happier tomorrow seems unlikely to come true. But when a newcomer with ties to the castle arrives in the village, Madeline’s interest is piqued for the first time in years as she discovers maybe there’s more reason to be hopeful than she originally thought.

Expert stone mason, Duncan, never dreamed that accepting a seemingly-harmless painting in exchange for his work would lead to such trouble. But after nights of no sleep make it clear that his new possession is indeed haunted, Duncan sets out to return the wretched piece of art back to its home at McMillan Castle. Determined only to rid himself of the art, Duncan’s plans are derailed when he meets a lass so bonny he finds himself eager to accept work that will keep him at McMillan Castle longer than planned. As time passes and his feelings grow, Duncan discovers that perhaps his home is no longer the place he left behind.

Is their love strong enough for the two of them to overcome their baggage? Or will the story end with the curse that brought them together?