The Conall’s Magical Yuletide

The Conall’s Magical Yuletide

Title: The Conall's Magical Yuletide
Series: The Magical Matchmaker's Legacy Series #2.5
Published by: Bethany Claire Books
Release Date: August 21, 2017
Pages: 134
ISBN13: 978-1947731028

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A time for family. A time for love.

It’s Christmas at Conall Castle. With the holiday quickly approaching, Adelle sets out to deck the halls of their magical home, but the loneliness inside never leaves her for long. Love for her daughter sent her backwards in time, but she’d not expected the isolation she would feel. Middle-aged means something very different in the 17th century than it did in the 21st, and she worries that her age will keep her single forever. That is, until an unexpected visitor seeks shelter at the castle…

Hew Moray lives a lonely life. Only leaving his secluded home annually to pay his respects to the wife he lost long ago, he finds it difficult to interact with others. When a snowstorm causes him to seek shelter with his sister, he meets a lass whose beauty and wit tempts him to abandon the life of isolation he’s known for so long. Will he be able to move on from his past grief? If he does, will Adelle return his love?