Morna's Secret by Bethany ClaireTitle: Morna's Secret
Series: The Magical Matchmaker's Legacy Series #2
Published by: Bethany Claire Books
Release Date: August 21, 2017
Genre: ,
Pages: 292
ISBN13: 978-0-9978610-8-2; 978-0-9978610-9-9; 978-1-947731-00-4

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"Morna's Secret" is the SWEET/CLEAN version of "Love Beyond Reason". This version is for readers who prefer clean language in their stories and love scenes that stay behind closed doors. If you prefer steamier books, check out the original Morna's Legacy Series.

Separated by time. Bound by love.

Arran Conall’s broken heart reminds him daily of all he has lost. If only he’d known of the ancient magic that awaited Blaire, perhaps he could’ve kept her close to him. Now, the love of his life lives centuries ahead of him, out of reach while still holding on to his heart. Forced to live a life without her, Arran struggles to pick up the pieces of his broken life, but his love for Blaire remains. With every breath, he prays only one thing—that she will never forget his love for her.

Born in the 17th century, Blaire MacChristy finds modern-day life more challenging than expected. Despite the magic available to her, her heartbreak keeps her from returning to her own time. When friends from her past arrive to bring her home, Blaire risks her heart once more for a chance at love. When she returns, her hopes are dashed when she discovers that Arran has married another. Can their broken hearts be mended with time, or will fate find a way to bring them together once again?