Morna's Legacy: Books 10, 10.5 & 11Title: Morna's Legacy: Books 10, 10.5 & 11
Series: Morna's Legacy Series - English #22
Release Date: April 23, 2019
Pages: 616
ISBN13: 978-1-970110-02-9; 978-1-970110-03-6; 978-1-970110-04-3

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This Morna’s Legacy Collection contains the following books:

LOVE BEYOND WANTING – BOOK 10:  After surviving a fire that almost killed her, Kate worked hard to rebuild her life post-amputation. But when she travels into the past to be with her sister, she meets a man who forces her to face truths about herself she’d rather avoid.—Maddock enjoys his duty on The Isle of Eight Lairds, but dreams of more. After seeing his friend find love, he opens his heart to the belief that perhaps there is a lass out there for him, as well. When he meets Kate, he falls for her hard and fast. But she doesn’t make it easy for him. Her own fears keep her distant. Can they find a way to overcome the fears holding them back? If they do, can they work together to keep the evil that rules of The Isle at bay?

THE HAUNTING OF CASTLE DUNE (A NOVELLA) – BOOK 10.5: Eleanor always knows the right thing to do to help her patients when it comes to their relationships, but when an almost-vacation with her immature boyfriend makes it clear that she needs to take her own advice, she sets off on a solo vacation to Scotland. When a boat tour ends up with her stranded inside a haunted castle, Eleanor is faced with the opportunity to change history. Thrilled to escape her mundane routine for just a little while, she jumps at the chance, never expecting for a moment that it’s her heart that is as likely to change as history.—Resigned to his fate, Monroe Dune sets sail to return to his castle intent on being the last person to ever live on The Isle of Dune. His plans are upended when a mysterious stowaway ends up trapped on The Isle with him. Despite his best efforts to keep the lass at bay, she slowly but surely finds a place within his heart. Can they find a way to change history and find happiness together?

LOVE BEYOND DESTINY – BOOK 11: After the death of her husband, Silva is offered the opportunity to start over in a new territory, and she seizes the chance. When she arrives at her new home, Silva is met by a man she was certain she would never see again.—Every day since meeting her, Marcus has thought of the mysterious woman he met at his best friend’s wedding. He wants nothing more than to win her love, but her grieving heart keeps him at bay. He knows that only time can heal her, and he’s resolved to wait as long as it takes, for one day he knows she will love him. Will Silva be able to move on from her past grief and heartbreak, or will her world be turned upside down once again?

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