Magical Matchmaker's Books 1-4Title: The Magical Matchmaker's Legacy Books 1-4
Series: The Magical Matchmaker's Legacy Series #12
Release Date: November 7, 2017
Genre: ,
Pages: 839
ISBN13: 978-1-947731-54-7; 978-1-947731-65-3; 978-1-947731-66-0

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***This set contains the first 4 books of The Magical Matchmaker’s Legacy. These books are the sweet/clean versions of books in the Morna’s Legacy Series. These newly-edited versions are for readers who prefer clean language in their stories and love scenes that stay behind closed doors. If you prefer, steamier reads, check out the original books in the Morna’s Legacy Series.***


Morna’s Spell:

An ancient spell. A timeless love.

Brielle’s archaeologist mother whisks her away to Scotland intent on discovering what destroyed the powerful Conall clan 400 years earlier. Rather than finding answers, Bri stumbles across an ancient spell and is sent tumbling backward through time to the 17th century. Once there, she is mistaken for another and is forced to marry the castle’s ill-fated laird.

Now she must work to change the fate of his people before the unknown enemy arrives to destroy them. But Bri finds the sort of love she’s only dreamed of, and she finds herself more reluctant to find a spell to take her home. If she finds it, will she use it? If she doesn’t, will her love for Eoin give her the strength to survive a deadly plot against his people, and the power to change the course of history?

Morna’s Secret (Book 2):

Separated by time. Bound by love.

Arran Conall’s broken heart reminds him daily of what he lost. If only he’d known of the ancient magic that awaited Blaire, perhaps he could’ve kept her close to him. Now, the love of his life lives centuries ahead of him, out of reach while still holding on to his heart. Arran struggles to pick up the pieces of his broken life, but his love for Blaire remains.

Born in the 17th century, Blaire MacChristy finds modern-day life challenging. Despite the magic available to her, her heartbreak prevents her from returning to her own time. When friends from her past arrive, Blaire risks her heart once more for a chance at love. When she returns, her hopes are dashed when she discovers that Arran has married another. Can their broken hearts be mended with time, or will fate find a way to bring them together once again?

The Conalls' Magical Yuletide (Book 2.5):

A time for family. A time for love.

It’s Christmas at Conall Castle. Adelle sets out to deck the halls of their magical home, but the loneliness inside never leaves her for long. Love for her daughter sent her backwards in time, but she’d not expected the isolation she would feel. She worries that her age will keep her single forever, until an unexpected visitor seeks shelter at the castle.

Hew Moray lives a lonely life. When a snowstorm causes him to seek shelter, he meets a lass whose beauty and wit tempts him to abandon the life of isolation he’s known for so long. Will he be able to move on from his past grief? If he does, will Adelle return his love?

Morna's Magic (Book 3):

Haunted by their pasts. Healed through love.

Baodan McMillan is kind, loyal, and strong, but tragedy haunts him. After the death of his wife, he hardened his heart, closing himself off to any possibility of love. There is only one woman who can save him from his isolation—a lass he’s never met, born centuries ahead of his time.

Mitsy Fredrickson’s life is upended when divorce causes her to rethink her future. She uses the turmoil as an excuse to escape to Scotland to reunite with the one person who can help her through this challenging time. Little does she know that her trip will land her in the year 1647, and that girl time with her best friend is the last thing fate has planned for her. She meets the handsome, Baodan, but something holds him back—a secret from his past that even he doesn’t fully understand. If Mitsy can solve the mystery, will Baodan be free to return her love?