Title: Love Beyond Time
Series: Morna's Legacy Series - English #1
Published by: Oliver Heber Books
Release Date: November 24, 2013
Pages: 288


A hunky Scottish laird. A time-traveling teacher. A tragic history only she can prevent.

Schoolteacher Brielle "Bri" Montgomery wonders where all the good men have gone. They certainly don't waltz through her meticulous life in Texas. Venturing out of her comfort zone, she joins her archaeologist mother on a dig in Scotland… and finds herself transported 400 years into the past. Shocked and bewildered, Bri learns she's just moments away from marrying an impossibly sexy Scotsman…

Eoin Conall has no interest in wedding the woman who irritates him to no end. But with the promise to his dying father fresh in his mind, he ties the knot with his insufferable bride. To his surprise, something has changed about her. Something irresistible. Could he be falling for the wife he never wanted?

With the chiseled man of her dreams standing before her, Bri wishes she wasn't well aware of history's impending slaughter of Eoin and the entire Conall Clan. Unable to accept his gruesome fate, she sets out to rewrite history.

Will Bri and Eoin succeed in protecting their impossible romance or is their heartbreaking fate already sealed?


"I loved Love Beyond Time from start to finish. Bethany Claire certainly knows how to write a book! The description of surroundings, dialogue, etc, all perfect! You learn to love every character and you just can’t wait to read more! This book is definitely one of those page-turners..."
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"I haven’t enjoyed myself reading a book this much in ages and I actually sat down to start reading it, and didn’t stand up again until I was finished – I had to know how it ended."
-Review by Chelsey Read More

"Bethany Claire has brought readers the ultimate romantic fantasy in this time traveling romance filled with adventure, excitement, love, drama, and broken hearts. The characters and scenes within each chapter are filled with so much vividness that the reader is unable to put the book down. Love Beyond Time is a book I would recommend for lovers of romance, science fiction, and historical fiction."
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Vision slowly made its way back to me as I waited for the blurry images to clear. I reached to grip the edge of the table and struggled to pull myself to my feet. I moved my hands to grip the sides of my head, only briefly registering that my fingers didn't come away from the table's surface covered in dust. I could hear the blood pounding in my head, and I couldn't catch my breath. A voice from behind me started to penetrate my foggy brain.

On unsteady feet I spun toward the doorway, struggling to make out the form standing in front of me. I knew it had to be my mother, but it didn't look like her. This was a short, plump woman, while my mother was tall and slim.

I closed my eyes briefly and opened them once more, hoping it would help me clear my sight. It did nothing to increase my vision, but I could now make out the woman's words.

Why is Mom talking like that? I don't understand what she's saying. Am I injured? My head certainly feels like it. Did part of the ceiling collapse? What's happening? Thoughts coursed through my mind as I listened to the woman's ramblings.

"Oh God! Oh dear, sweet Mother O' God! The old laird was right. What is old Mary going to do now? And with the lass just hours away from her wedding! Lassies picked a grand time to be messing with magic, they did!"

That's definitely not Mom. Am I in the hospital or something? Wait! Wedding? What the hell is going on?

I struggled to process my surroundings as I felt the woman's hands grip my shoulders and shake them.

"Lass! Are ye all right? Old Mary needs ye to speak."

"Please, stop shaking me! It's killing my head!" I gasped and reached to grab my head once more, realizing I could finally see the woman clearly. The pain that had nearly ripped me in half only moments ago had slowly eased into a migraine.

"Oh dear heavens, lass! Where'd ye learn to speak in such a manner? Ye must be from far away, dearie. Old Mary's never heard any such speech in her life."

I felt the shaking stop and looked into the gray eyes that were studying me fiercely.

"Oh, by the Saints, lass! I never believed his stories, but ye do look remarkably similar; except Lady Blaire would never dress in such inappropriate attire. Why, ye look like the worse kind of tavern wench! I can see the shape of yer legs, lass! Not to mention . . ."

My head was throbbing too incessantly to concentrate. I scanned the room, while silently willing the woman to stop speaking.

I knew I wasn't in a hospital. The space looked old and somehow familiar. Slowly, I turned my head back to the table I was leaning against now and saw the portrait of myself.

Memories of what I'd been doing only moments before came rushing back, and panic burst forth as I shot out of the woman's reach.

"Where's my mother? What happened? What? What is that?" My voice and fingers were shaking as I pointed to the portrait and stared back at the old woman.

"Oh, ye poor thing. Ye look quite frightened to death."

I watched as the woman moved toward me once more and pulled me toward a stool in the corner of the room.

The woman was right. I was scared. Attempting to stifle my panic, I followed her urging and collapsed onto the smooth, wooden seat.

"Are ye all right now, Lass? Allow me to explain to ye, Dearie."

I simply nodded as numbness replaced the sense of panic, and turned to watch the woman as she spoke.

"I'll not be sure about the where and when ye came from, dearie, but I can tell by yer manner of speech and dress, it is nowhere I've ever seen or heard about. Not that old Mary's been or seen very many places."

I watched as the woman paused and chuckled slightly. Then, seeing my confusion, she stopped laughing and pulled her face into a look of seriousness once again.

"But I can tell ye that today is the third day of November in the year sixteen hundred and forty-five. And it is yer wedding day."