Love Beyond MagicTitle: Love Beyond Magic
Series: Morna's Legacy Series - English #13
Published by: Oliver Heber Books
Release Date: April 19, 2022

Is love enough to heal the pain of the past? 


Olivia Bailey and her sister know one thing for certain: they are in dire need of some time away from their normal, work-driven lives. While their bakery business has served them well, neither realized just how strenuous running their own business would be. For years, Scotland was the dream trip – the goal that every spare dollar went toward. With their trip finally funded and both of them nearly at the breaking point from stress, the girls set off for their summer in Scotland. But things quickly go awry when an unlikely incident sends Olivia tumbling off the side of the Quiraing on the Isle of Skye. Rather than meeting her near-certain death, she opens her eyes to find herself transported through time and holed up in a decrepit castle with two of the most damaged, but handsome, men she’s ever laid eyes on. She knows she needs to find a way back home to her sister, but as the months pass without success, Olivia realizes that the only way for her to find peace might just be to accept where fate has placed her. With friends among the castle’s staff and their intriguing laird to keep her occupied, the heartache of being ripped away from the life she knew before begins to heal. However, despite Olivia’s effort to move forward, her troubles are far from over, and she may just be in more danger than she ever could have imagined…


Paton Buchanan thought his sacrifice would mean something when he willingly stepped into the land of the fae to save his friend. Instead, the years spent in their prison cost him and everyone he loved everything. Once released, Paton has nowhere to go but the home of his youth. But with a crumbling castle and a mess of a brother left to his care, finding any semblance of happiness for himself seems unlikely until a strange lass from the future arrives and begins to remind him of the people he’d once loved so much. Her perpetual optimism and kindness make it easy for him to fall in love with her. Slowly, all the hurt inside him begins to fade. But her life belongs in the future, and it doesn’t take long for him to figure out a way to return her to her time. Will his love for her be enough to convince her to stay, or will he be forced to lose yet another person he loves? And if she does stay, do they have what it takes to keep one another safe from the outside threat that looms over them both?