Title: Love Beyond Belief
Series: Morna's Legacy Series - English #7
Published by: Oliver Heber Books
Release Date: December 15, 2017
Pages: 296


The best surprises are the ones you never see coming.

All Sydney Pearce needs is a change—something to end the stress and chaos of running her grandmother's old restaurant. Maybe then her life will finally start. When she receives a job offer to serve as chef at a castle resort in Scotland, she gets her wish and happily leaves the restaurant to begin a new chapter in her life. However, she quickly discovers that living at Cagair Castle comes with its complications. Not only must she learn to accept the shocking truth of the magic that resides within the castle walls, but she is also faced with mounting feelings for a man born hundreds of years in the past—a man so alluring and kind that despite her better judgment, she finds herself falling for him more each day.

Callum MacChristy doesn't need any distractions. He has enough on his hands with the daily travels back and forth through time and the looming threat of the man who tried to destroy his home. His trips each night are meant to provide him a soft bed and a warm shower while he works and waits for his castle to be restored. Instead, he finds himself spending more and more time with a lass so enchanting his thoughts seem to drift toward her at every spare moment.

As their feelings for one another grow, so does an unseen threat that could destroy any chance they have at happiness together. Will the truth be discovered before it's too late, or will an enemy they never expected ruin them all?


Callum could scarcely see through the billowing smoke. The burning in his lungs made it difficult for him to think as he ran across the lawn to better see what all was aflame. Why did it get hotter the further he ran from the castle? He spun to see the source of the heat—Orick's old hut—engulfed, the thatch roof quickly disintegrating, the wood beams creaking as fire consumed them.

Frantic thoughts coursed through his mind until he landed on the one comforting fact he could grasp. None of the servants were there. He sent them all away before leaving to join the celebration with the rest of his family and friends. Thank God for that.

He allowed relief to rush over him until he heard a sound so unsettling that he couldn't believe it possible—the screams of a babe, a young one. The sound of its cries—screeching, pained, and so frightened—chilled Callum's bones even as heat rose around him.

It wasn't real. It couldn't be. He was the only one at the castle. Then he remembered Tom—the old man from the village who always came up to check on things when Callum was away. He hoped Tom was still at home with his family, that he'd come and gone long before the fire took hold. Surely the sound was his imagination. How could a child be here?

He ran to escape the cloud of smoke surrounding him and tripped over an object in his path. He regained his footing and screamed, sucking in enough smoke to make his mind swirl. Tom. Unconscious and stabbed in his abdomen, the man lay bleeding out onto the grass.

The sound. He could hear it again. Screaming. Screaming. Over and over. He had to go see. He had to save the child inside. He couldn't let the smoke overtake him until he saw the babe safe.

In one quick moment of clear thought, he ripped the shirt from his body, tying it quickly over his nose and mouth to block some of the smoke from entering his lungs. Not taking a second longer to ponder his choice, he burst into the burning hut and moved blindly toward the sound of the screams.

He found the child quickly. As he reached for it, he could see the outline of two others, clearly dead not from fire but from smoke. That same deadly threat would most likely take his life in a few short moments. He just hoped he could see the child safely outside and that by some miracle, the babe would live.

He managed to run with the child far outside the smoke before he fell from a sudden pain in his leg. He let loose of the infant, hoping it was far enough from the flames to survive. His leg was on fire, and the pain pushed away any clear thought. He rolled and swung until the fire died around him, but the pain made everything around him spin.

Nothing would stop the fire, save magic, and he wasn't a sorcerer by any stretch.

Unconsciousness threatened him. Whether it was from smoke or pain, he didn't know. Just as he began to give himself over to what he expected was death, rain started to pound upon his face. In panic, he threw himself over the child to keep her from drowning in the water.

Then he saw her—a woman. Old and cloaked she stood there, arms stretched as if she summoned the storm from willpower alone. The fire surrendered, and so did he, closing his eyes as he held the baby against him.