Welcome to a few of my favorite things for July 2019! You’ll probably be able to tell by this list that I’ve been on a bit of an organizing kick lately (Honestly though – who am I kidding? I’m always on that kick lol!) Anyhow, everything on this list I have used, or read, and thoroughly enjoyed. I hope you enjoy browsing this month’s picks!

  1. Nite Ize Original Gear Tie’s in Assorted Colors & Sizes – 12 pack – $19.99


These little doo-hiddies are SO handy. They twist around all kinds of cords, helping organize and tidy all sorts of things! I have found so many uses for these and I love that they come in a bunch of different sizes and colors.




2. ONE DONE Folding Boot Shaper Stands – $12.88

One of my organizing tasks over the past few weeks has been totally cleaning out and overhauling my closet. While it’s too hot to wear them right now, I still have quite a few pairs of boots that were dropped over in the bottom of my closet. These are PERFECT for straightening them up and making things look neater. And since 5 of them come in a pack, there were enough for every pair of my taller boots.


3. Verity by Colleen Hoover – $4.99 or FREE with KU

This book has been out for a while now, and I’ve read tons of buzz about it so I finally decided to give it a go. You guys – I did not stop once I started this book. For one whole day, my entire to-do list went out the window while I devoured this book cover to cover. It’s thrilling, twisty, sexy, and pretty dark. I thoroughly enjoyed it.





4. Prepworks by Progressive Collapsible Party Carrier – $19.99

Pies, deviled eggs, a big pile of cookies – you name it, this thing can carry it and organize it. It comes with a center shelf that’s removable that is flat on one side so you can carry two pies, or has deviled egg cups on the other so you can have two trays of eggs. This lid can also collapse for a smaller carry if you’re only transporting one pie. SUPER handy!



5. LittBag by PurseN LED Lighted Organizer Insert for Handbag Purses – $42.00

Despite being a pretty neat person, my purse has historically been a hot stinkin’ mess. This insert has totally changed that. It has lots of pockets to organize and store all of my purse essentials and a nifty little light that helps me find what I’m looking for. What I like most, is that it allows me to easily transfer everything I carry with me from purse to purse.


6. Door Monkey – Door Lock & Pinch Guard – $12.95

Okay…so I’m pretty sure this little device is intended for toddlers, but I’ve actually been using it to keep Winston out of my carpeted bedrooms. He really is house trained, but he recently figured out that the bedroom doors don’t latch that well and he has started pushing them open, and retreating underneath the beds to take himself a little wee. :/ You’d have to know Winston to understand this, but I am 100% certain he does this just to spite me. It’s like he knows how hard it is to clean underneath a bed, and loves watching me try to manage it. Well, who’s laughing now, Winston??? This little thing has put an end to that poor behavior, and it has the added benefit of allowing me to air out the bedrooms without leaving the door wide open.


7. The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor


I always try to have one fiction and one nonfiction book going at a time. I first heard Shawn Achor on one of  Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday sessions and new I had to read his book after listening to him. Guys…this is a great read. It’s not so self-helpy (I know that’s not a word – but it works here,) that it reeks of 1st world privilege, but it’s just enough so that it might help shift your perspective on some things that are holding you back. I’ve read this one several times.



8. Final Touch Wine Opener – $34.99

I’m not a big wine person, but for the times when I’m craving a glass of moscato or when I need some wine for a recipe, I totally lose my patience with crappy corkscrews. This magical little tool is the answer. All you do is secure the top over your bottle of wine and turn the knob to the right until the cork comes free – no pulling necessary. It winds its way through the cork and then pulls it free from the bottle all by you just turning the knob. It is quite seriously the best corkscrew I’ve ever come across.