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Dear Readers,

I know that many of you are anxiously anticipating the release of Love Beyond Reach, and I'm right there with you. I'm ready for it to be finished and on its way to all of you guys, too. Unfortunately, as we all know, Morna is a bit of a trickster, and she's really giving me hell and taking her sweet time when it comes to letting me in on all of the details about what happened between her and Jerry when they were younger. If you're not a writer, that all might sound crazy. If you are, then I expect you know just what I mean. I think of Morna as my muse. If she's taking her time in telling me the story, then so must I. I'm making progress but unfortunately, we are all just going to have to give it all the time it needs to reach its completion. As always, you guys will be the first to know when it is done.

If you've already pre-ordered the book on iBooks, no worries. Your order will be held and you will only be charged for it when the book actually does release.

I'm so grateful for each of you. I appreciate your patience as I work to complete this story.