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Love Beyond Hope

Love Beyond Hope

Book 3 of Morna's Legacy Series


Sometime in the night, Baodan roused me by shaking me lightly on the shoulder as he whispered in my ear. "I'm sorry to wake ye, lass, but I canna sleep."

I stretched and, as I did so, the front of my body pushed into him. I instantly had a pretty good idea of why he woke me. "I told you that you weren't about to fall asleep."

He grinned and scooted down on the blanket so that our heads were even. Reaching out with his left hand, he cupped the side of my face and pulled me close. His nose was touching mine as he stared deep into my eyes. "What was it that ye called them, lass? 'Balls?'"

I laughed and nodded, the tip of my nose tickling the tip of his. "Yes. Why?"

"If I kiss ye again, will me balls be in danger? I doona wish to meet the same fate as me brother." He asked it slowly, his eyes teasing me as he brought his lips closer to mine only to pull them away just before they touched.

It was a slow torture, and the tension between us was making every limb in my body weak and fluttery with the anticipation of his lips claiming mine once more. Our chests rose and fell quickly, in a synced rhythm that was as painful as running at full speed.

I didn't answer him. There was no need. Instead I pressed my trembling lips against his and moved slowly against him. He grinned against my mouth, and I nudged his nose as I moved close to trace the center of his upper lip with my tongue.

He groaned and pushed his hips against me. I returned each kiss full force, content to relish in the pleasure of exploring one another until sunrise if he wished it.

He was hard, ready, but as he trailed my face and neck and chest with his lips, I realized that he had no intention of undressing me. He was focusing all of his attention upward, on kissing me in such a way that each breath I took was not my own but a breath given to me by him as he took claim on my mouth. That in and of itself was enough to show me just how capable he was of caring.

After his confession, he would think that to sleep with me would make him no better than his brothers. To show respect for me in such a way was enough to negate everything that he believed about himself.

For any man incapable of love would not have been so considerate, so selfless.

© Bethany Claire